What is TRUE Informed Consent, Especially When Pregnant?

It’s far more involved than you know.

You hear the term “informed consent” a lot but many do not fully understand its meaning. Most will happily read the piece of paper handed to them by their doctor, midwife, hospital, birth center, etc and believe they have been informed and call that “informed consent” however, true informed consent means taking the time to discover if anything has been left out or misrepresented.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This is a Good Time to Talk About Autonomous Care

One decision you need to be fully informed about and willing to take full responsibility for is whether or not you experience autonomous care. For the past 100+ years, pregnant and birthing women have been forced to comply with the rules of the man-made baby delivery system™ because the term “autonomy” was unknown to them. You are probably hearing the word AUTONOMY more and more as it pertains to expectant and birthing women.

  1. the state of being free from the control or power of another.
  • “Doesn’t your care provider care about the baby?”
  • “This is why birth needs to happen in the safety of the hospital under the care of a trained medical professional.”
  • “Your midwife is obviously uneducated and dangerous.”
  • And many other comments and assumptions that will blow your mind and harm your psyche.

Educating and inspiring women to get out of your own way by surrendering to your own inner wisdom. https://angietayloryespreneur.ck.page/c2e76ecca9

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