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Taking Responsibility for Birth During Your Pregnancy

You are ultimately responsible for what happens.

Taking responsible for your own choices means becoming informed about all of your options including where to give birth, who to have present, any tests, screenings and interventions, etc.

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Checking On Baby

As you go to your prenatal visits or as you do your own prenatal self care, you will want to know how the baby is doing. There are many ways of monitoring the baby. Some are more invasive than others and some may actually introduce undesirable harm to the baby.

Embracing Birth™ Scenario

The following scenario may help you discover what, if anything, scares you about birth:

  • What is your personal birth story?
  • Are there any traumas, abuses, molestations, assaults, etc in your past?
  • What has happened to someone else when they were giving birth that scares you?

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Educating and inspiring women to get out of your own way by surrendering to your own inner wisdom.

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