Social Media Post Creation Made EASY PEASY for Mompreneurs

I’m seeing more and more ads for “done for you” social media calendars for entrepreneurs. These things are supposed to guide you on what to post and when. You’ll receive a full 365-day calendar that tells you what to post…(ie. blog post, image, question post, quote image, etc).

How do I know? It saddens me to say that I bought one for 2019. I bought it thinking it would make my life easier. I thought it’d give me topic ideas, nope.

I bought it so I’d have “something” to post on social media quickly….when the kids were busy doing something else, bad idea.

Why was it a bad idea?

I’ve floundered in my business for a very long time. As I researched on how to do this “right” I found a MOUNTAIN of information that didn’t make much sense to me. I’ve reached out to people I know personally to ask questions about how they were “making” it all work. I was looking for a path with step-by-step instructions.

August of 2019, I was blessed with the answers. My business wasn’t “working” for me because I had started in the middle. The path was unclear to me because I was unclear about my business. What was I missing?

I had no idea what my brand was, which also meant I had no idea who my posts were speaking to. I had NO MESSAGE. I was basically climbing up on my soap box and ranting….every now and then. That’s sooo embarrassing to admit to you.

If you feel like your posts are ending up inside a black hole, it could be because your posts aren’t speaking authentically to anyone specific….

Now I know my brand (Mama S.W.A.N.).

Now I know what my message is to you Mompreneur with lots of glorious kids! (I have 9 kids; ranging in age from 31 to 11)

Now I know who I’m talking to (mompreneur with lots
of kids, I see you…).

NOW I can create my very own personalized social media post calendar.

There’s nothing generic about YOU, my dear!

What I’ve learned is that unless the “done-for-you” social media post calendar is one that’s put together and speaks authentically to your brand and what you stand for….it’s a waste of your money.

Please learn this lesson from me….there are no shortcuts when it comes to speaking authentically to your ideal person, client, customer, business partner, team member, etc. Speak authentically and the magic happens…eventually. ;)

So, what’s the answer?

(1) Know your brand
(2) Know your message
(3) Know your ideal person (aka audience)
(4) Create your own social media posting calendar. ← that’s easier than you may think…

(1) Know your brand

My brand — Mama S.W.A.N. — has a story. That story gave birth to Mama S.W.A.N. That story began when I was 5 years old and was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You have a story too. You came from somewhere. You have overcome challenges. You already have at least one passion that lights you up and feels like home to you. Your passion has roots in the challenges you’ve overcome. When you speak about this passion, people stop to listen.

If you already know what that passion is….GREAT!

If you have no idea what your passion is….start by making a list of all of the challenges you’ve overcome.

Yes, you have overcome challenges. It’s likely you’ve overcome challenges you’d prefer to forget about. I understand….stay with me though because you have the answers someone else is seeking. So, make a list of the challenges you’ve overcome.

Give yourself time to make this list. There are challenges that you’ve overcome that you might not have seen as a “challenge” at the time. This type of challenge will take a bit longer for your brain to add to the list. Be patient with yourself.

Go through your list. Do any shine through as possibilities? Do you see any that are easy for you to talk about? Have any of them created a passion for you? Yes? Write them down.

(2) Know your message

What’s your message? NOT your tagline. What’s your message? This is where you start to bring things together. Look at what you’re passionate about. What are the messages you can share about that passion? Write them down….all of them. How ever many there are.

It’s okay if there’s only one. It’s also okay if there are many. The number of messages isn’t really the point. It’s your ability to speak authentically to each one. To speak authentically in a way that is not demeaning, belittling or berating. Think inspiring. Think empowering. Think changing lifelong habits.

My message is S.W.A.N.

  • Be Strong — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Feel Worthy — for all that you have and all you desire
  • Speak Authentically — all the time and in all situations
  • Nurture Yourself — you matter to someone

These are the messages I share with my audience every single day. Take time to discover your message(s). It will be something unique to YOU. There may be others who have a similar message and the same audience as you. You are the only one who can give this message to this audience using YOUR authentic voice.

Make a list of all the ideas that come to you. Your message is in there somewhere….I promise.

(3) Know your ideal person (aka audience)

Did you know that you don’t have to work with just anyone? Did you know that it’s okay to define who your ideal person is? I’m not talking about basic demographics here. I’m talking about creating a list of attributes the person you’d LOVE to work with will possess.

HINT: You have already worked with this person….sometimes. This person is already one of your clients…sometimes. This person is not — however — always your client. Does that make sense?

Think about your current clients. Are there any clients that you’d rearrange your entire schedule in order to fit them in? If so, THAT’S YOUR IDEAL AUDIENCE….what makes that one person your favorite? It is absolutely okay to have more than one “favorite” type of person!

For instance, is your ideal person

  • male or female?
  • married or single?
  • Does this person have kids, no kids, wants kids, struggling to have kids, prefers pets, etc?
  • How old is this person?…your age?….younger?….older?
  • Does this person live in the city or the country? Suburbs?
  • Does this person prefer daytime appointments?….mid-day?…evening?
  • What challenges is this person wanting to overcome?
  • What’s this person dreaming about?
  • What’s this person ready to do?

WRITE IT DOWN. Make a list of your ideal person.

Now ask yourself, who does this ideal person need YOU to be? HINT: You’ll most likely have quite a few attributes in common.

(4) Create your own social media posting calendar

This hit me like a ton of bricks just last week and now my life is easy peasy-er.

Once you know your brand, your message AND your audience, it’s time to create content. The first question for you to answer is, “which platform do I want to start with?”

Pick ONE for now. You can branch out and I’ll give you some hints on how to do that a little further down. Will you use a blog, podcast, video, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, TikTok, some other platform?

The next questions is, “how often will you post?” The answer is specific to YOU and your audience and your life.

Lastly, what will you post about? Did you know that when you post about your product or service, Facebook sees that as “spamming” your newsfeed? The same is true when you post pictures of your product or service. Spamming your newsfeed is the best way to have the Facebook algorithm stop showing your post to anyone. Why? Because that type of post is seen as an ad that you did not pay for.

Create curiosity with your posts. Give your audience a reason to reach out to you and/or comment on your post. Talk about the benefits of your product or service. How will your product or service change the life of your audience?

Take time to make a comprehensive list of benefits offered by your product or service. Take time to become knowledgeable about the product or service you offer. What emotional benefits does your product or service offer?

There’s a lot more to this than you’ve been led to believe, yes? I was astonished by how much I didn’t know I didn’t know. I spent weeks answering all those questions for myself and ended up with pages of answers. Then, I was creating one post at a time…and sometimes completely forgetting to post because I hadn’t had time to sit and be creative. That’s why I’m so excited about what’s next….I’m the mother of 9 with 6 still at home PLUS one grand-daughter. I do not have hours to create ONE post. Sometimes, I do have hours to create more than one post….so, I choose to do that, which meant keeping all my creative ideas in one easy to access location.

So, now that you’ve got all of the above questions answered, where will your personalized posting calendar be housed? I use Trello because I have access to it just about anywhere — as long as I have internet access or have synced my phone before leaving the house. (I do not receive anything for referring you to Trello….the FTC requires that I tell you that.)

This is my personalized posting calendar in Trello

If you plan to give Trello a try, start by creating a free account. There are paid accounts and I have not needed any of the paid features, yet. Once you have your Trello account created, I highly recommend going to their HELP PAGE to learn how to use Trello.

I started my Social Media Posting Calendar Trello board with a list that includes my brand, my audience and my messages. When you’re in the process of discovering your brand, audience and message(s), you may have times when adjustments need to be made as you become more and more clear. This is the list where I make those adjustments.

I have given each of my messages their own day on the calendar. In Trello, each day is actually called a “list”. Each date within each list is referred to as a “card”. At the top of each board is where I attach any files I offer to share with those who comment (engage) on my posts. NOTE: I do not make offers with every post. Often times I simply have a question to answer.

As I have snippets of time open up, I sit down and create a few posts complete with image. Sometimes I have post ideas come to me at random times. When that happens, I add them to my Trello board. This is also helpful when there’s a holiday or event for me to also post about; it becomes part of my Personalized Social Media Posting Calendar!

This has been a major game changer for this Mompreneur of lots of kids!

Hints for Using One Post on Several Social Media Platforms

I tend to write long Facebook posts…like novels. The truth is that not all that information is required in a Facebook post. So, what I do now is start small and work up in length; depending on the platform. For instance, this article started as a Facebook post.

I could turn this post into a YouTube video, podcast, tweet, etc. It’s all up to me. For now, I’ll end right here. I honestly could keep this post going forever because there’s so much I haven’t included. If you have any questions, contact me and let’s chat.

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