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How in the World Does This Wellness Thing Really Work?

It’s challenging to attract wellness when our society lives in sickness the majority of the time. All you have to do is watch a single show on television. You’ll see more ads for pharmaceutical drugs than for anything else and if you watch most of your shows using Hulu Plus you might even get to see the exact same ad during every single ad break.

Disease talk is everywhere.

I have two degrees in Natural Health and 100% of my clients came to me initially because of symptoms they expected me to “properly” diagnose. The problem is that I don’t diagnose disease. I don’t want my clients to continue to live in sickness. I don’t want my clients to be focused on illness, symptoms, signs, or anything negative. I also don’t prescribe. Instead, I help them shift their thinking.

I sit down with each client and together we talk about wellness. I begin to teach them how to LIVE in wellness. Every single client then explains that they already know all of that, so there’s only one question left to ask…

If you already “know” all of that, WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT?

The response is always the same….one excuse after another. This tells me that my clients — and perhaps you too —don’t really want to be well. You are probably saying right now how much your really do desire wellness. You even believe that to be true. I understand that you honestly DO want to live in wellness you just don’t know WHY it’s the answer, especially when taking a pill is so much simpler.

And then, come more excuses….more disease talk.


STOP FOCUSING ON ILLNESS and start focusing on wellness. EVERYONE can live IN wellness every single day. EVERYONE. There IS a way. You might have to become creative. You might have to start slower than you had planned and there is a way for YOU to live IN wellness daily.

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Most people use it to attract wealth and abundance. Very few people know how to use it to attract wellness. Attracting wellness is about changing the way you think while also changing the way you live. Living IN wellness requires that you LIVE IN wellness. You do all of the things you know support your body in its work and you do those things every single day without excuses.

Do you want to move more? Then choose to MOVE more.

Do you want to eat better? Then choose to EAT better.

Do you want to sleep better? Then choose to SLEEP better.

This is all about YOU and how YOU take care of YOU. Our society doesn’t do a very good job when it comes to self care. We give reasons that sound innocent enough and when you aren’t feeling strong enough to do more than sit on the sofa and eat a bag of chips while watching television then your reasons are actually excuses in disguise. You are going to have to ACT like a well person by living IN wellness daily and you’re in luck, I happen to know how to get you started on your wellness journey.

How to attract wellness

  1. Accept yourself as you are today. Until you can look at yourself in the mirror and truly love every inch of you, you will not be able to attract wellness. It doesn’t matter how many roles, or wrinkles you see. They are a part of you and YOU are an individual of great worth. You add value to this world and you won’t know that until you accept who you are at THIS moment in time. YOU MATTER! The universe does care about you. You are part of world history and your story adds meaning to us all. You have a voice and a purpose that is currently being forced to stay silent because no one has taught you why to live in wellness daily. We’ve all been taught the bits and pieces that we call “wellness” and our logical brain knows that we should put those bits and pieces to work within our own lives and we don’t know WHY we should do that. Make peace with yourself.

What will you do — starting today — to live IN wellness daily?

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Educating and inspiring women to get out of your own way by surrendering to your own inner wisdom.

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